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“Seek Peace within Self and in Others,” Christie Bemis, Hot Pink YOUniversity. Now more than ever before we are in need of some peace in our lives. This past year has been an incredibly challenging and humbling time for humanity. Christie Bemis, author, speaker and psychotherapist shares her model called “The 4 Quadrants of Control,” focusing on peace-seeking strategies for individuals, groups, and in interactions with others. Participants will leave this webinar with tools to use with themselves to create more peace in their own lives and in the lives of others.  Participants may dive deep within and build new awareness of their peace-seeking skills to impact the world around them.

“Peace-ology: Picture Books for Transformational Change,” with Caren Stelson, Ellie Roscher, and Renee Dauk-Bleess

‘Biodiversity: Healing Habitats with Hannah,” with Hannah Pfaff, Environmental Educator